The Safety Talk That You and Your Realtor Must Have

It is very important to practice safety throughout the selling process of your home. Your home is going to be advertised everywhere. On the internet, in the newspapers, at public places. Not only will people have your address, but they’ll even have an open floor plan of your house!

Burglars have taken to finding real estate listings and deciding who their next victims will be based on that. Therefore, you need to make your house as safe as possible. Have an alarm? Use it. The back d
oor you never locked before…start locking it now. You and your family should take all precautions you can to remain safe while selling your home. You also need to keep your realtor safe! Agents should talk about this topic much more than they do.

Even though they’ll be in your house when they’re showing it…it isn’t their responsibility to make sure nothing is stolen. If you have nice jewelry, put it in your safe, or bring it to someone else’s house. Any cash you have, put it in your wallet, not on the kitchen counter.

Be sure to also put away any prescription medications. Many times, drug users also attend open houses in hopes that the owners haven’t put away their prescriptions. You need to take even extra precaution if you are selling a vacant home. Squatters lo
ve to use your property as a temporary home!


Also keep all of your mail out of sight. People don’t need a lot of your personal information to get into your accounts. They can do much more than you think with only your account number.

When you call banks today to ask questions regarding your account, half of them don’t even bother you to confirm anything other than your birthday before proceeding to give you access to all of your personal information. If you have any broken or faulty locks, now is the time to fix them all. Don’t wait.

Is your neighborhood safe? Your real estate agent might want to show your home only during the daytime. If you live in a shady neighborhood, take no offense.

Instead of getting upset, understand that he or she is worried as well, and wants to practice safety for them as well. Selling a home is exciting, but you don’t want anybody to get injured during the process. For further information to arm you with more facts, read Real Estate’s 6 Most Dangerous Everyday Situations.

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  1. Duncan

    It is CRUCIAL that you lock up any and ALL valuables when you are in the process of selling your home. If you have a safe, put everything in it. It may be inconvenient, but you should also possibly consider bringing your valuables to a friend or family members home while you are selling the house. Realtors could need to show your home at any moment. You could lose out on a sale if you aren’t ready to show at any time.


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