When Selling Your Home, Don’t Forget to Landscape

When selling your home, landscaping determines whether or not your home feels inviting from the outside. Curb appeal is important to homebuyers as the inside of it is. Landscaping is a large part of that curb appeal. If they don’t like the exterior, which is mostly landscaping, often they won’t even bother to go inside. You even see more of an investment back from the lawn, than the kitchen! Surprised? We think not. Curb appeal is of extreme importance. However, if your neighbors’ yards look pathetic, spending money on the yard might not be a good idea. But if your neighbors have beautiful homes with gorgeous lawns, you better seriously think about doing the same.

Planning ahead is important if you want to sell your home. You can’t just decide to sell your house tomorrow and expect the landscaping to be ready. If you’re thinking of moving next fall, (then) this spring, you should be working on your landscaping. Make sure your hardscapes are level and that roots haven’t pushed up sidewalks.

Dead and dying plants need to be thrown out. Consider using this trick: trees, and other bushes can be used to hide anything ugly, such as trash cans, or a broken fence. If the flowers are dead, buy and plant new ones. Unfortunately, pants that are beautiful when blooming don’t add to curb appeal when they’re out of season. So if most of your plants are out of season, you’ll want to buy some nice flowers and plant them in the ground.

For the backyard, people also love fire pits. Consider adding one; however, if you’re going to, don’t put a cheap, $100 one. Make it look nice! Consider using a brick or stone one. They aren’t too expensive to build.


It’s easy to get carried away fixing up a yard to look good for buyers. Once you begin landscaping, it can be a real thrill. Don’t get so caught
up that you end up accidentally spending thousands of dollars. It’s not necessary. Just make it look nice. Also consider painting your front door, buying new patio furniture, and painting the porch if it is chipping, and needs it. Don’t waste money on super expensive plants. All you need is just enough to bring some life into the yard. Check out a great article by HGTV for more Landscaping Tips That Can Help You Sell Your home.


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  2. Piper

    Curb appeal is so important. I’m not sure why sellers don’t understand this. I mean…think about it. Don’t you judge people’s homes by the outside? When you visit a new friends house, for example? First impressions matter. People say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but its the way of the world, and it isn’t changing. For gosh sakes, put some mulch down at least or something. Not sure why so many people ignore the value and importance of curb appeal.


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