What Your Home Inspector Wishes You Would Know & Do

We’d like to start the article with a small tip to sellers…remove your pets! Inspections often require opening exterior doors again and again, offering pets far too many opportunities to dash to freedom. When you leave the premises for the inspection, please take your pets with you. Please. They constantly have to make sure your dog isn’t running out when they’re trying to do their job which is distracting.

Also, don’t forget to clean. Whether you plan to be there for the inspection or not, the house must be clean beforehand. It makes a huge difference when they walk into a house where everything’s put away. In fact, according to many inspectors, t’s a game changer for them in a positive way.

For buyers:

Your potential home will have problems. There are a few scary ones, such as mold, radon and asbestos. However, don’t let these terms terrify you if they pop up in the inspection report. It’s actually not as big a deal as you think. Don’t believe everything you read online. What you should be more afraid of is if the inspection report says you need a new roof! That will be much more expensive, in all honesty. Just remember that everything can be upgraded, fixed, or replaced when you look at a house. Every home is going to have problems.

What you can worry about, is water. While it isn’t a total deal breaker, you don’t want to deal with a house that has major water damage. Also be very mindful of the basement. Fixing problems in that area of the house can be very, very expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to fix.

Recognize that home inspects are not holders of the future. They can give you an estimate of how long you’ve got until something specific breaks, but it might not be accurate. If they say ten years, it could be two. It could also be twenty. Take everything with a grain of salt. No one can give you an exact answer as to when you might need to fix foundation.

The bottom line is to not let home inspection results terrify you. Realize that almost no inspection is going to come back saying “House in perfect condition, no work necessary.” Good luck! For some more great tips, check out NOLO’s article on Getting a Home Inspection.


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  1. Catherine

    If you’re a seller and the inspection doesn’t go quite as well as you had hoped, you can’t get mad at the inspector. Even if you know him. They have to be a neutral party. They can get in trouble if they do a seller any “favors” by excluding certain factors. They’re only doing their jobs.


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