What Your Home Inspector Wishes You Would Know & Do

For Sellers

Remove your pets. Inspections often require opening exterior doors again and again, offering pets far too many opportunities to dash to freedom. When you leave the premises for the inspection—and many inspectors ask sellers to do so—take your pets with you. Please. They constantly have to make sure your dog isn’t running out when they’re trying to do their job which is distracting.

Don’t forget to clean. Whether you plan to be there for the inspection or not, the house must be clean before hard. It makes a huge difference when they walk into a house where everything’s put away. In fact, according to many inspectors, t’s a game changer for them in a positive way.

For Buyers 

Your potential home will have problems. There are a few starkly frightening home inspection terms that seem to be in everyone’s vocabulary: mold, radon and asbestos. And yes, they’re scary—but no scarier than a roof that needs replacing, home inspectors say. Don’t worry so much about mold and radon! Articles online tend to scare homebuyers, and it isn’t quite as big of a deal as you think because everything is upgradable, fixable, or replaceable. You just need to have a list of what those things are.

You CAN worry about water, according to inspectors. No, it’s not a deal breaker, but it’s important to address any water-related issues before the deal closes, or at least immediately afterward. Make a note of issues such as puddles and leaky ceilings. And give special attention to the basement. Addressing water problems in the basement can be an expensive and difficult proposition, and it can be hard to fix.

Home Inspectors do not have a crystal ball. While you might want to know how many more years the roof will hold up—and while your inspector might be able to give you a rough estimate, he can’t give you a precise timeline. All they can just tell you if it’s in good shape or not.

It’s easy to forget your love for the home when you’re counting the dollar signs and hours you might have to spend on repairs. But just remember to take a deep breath, think rationally, and consider whether it’s a smart investment in your future.

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